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Psychological Testing and Screening

An array of computer-assessed test batteries to help diagnose and treat Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol Dependence, Opioid Risk in English and Spanish: 

These tests are billable with G0442, G0444, and 96102 CPT codes, mandated by ACA to all insurances with no patient responsibility, copay or deductible. Over $20,000 monthly revenue per provider.


Appointment Reminders

Cut no show rate in half and release staff from tedious task of making calls:

  • Appointment Reminders with Interactice Voice Responses (IVR), SMS and E-mail

  • Patient and Family Engagement

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys

  • Wellness and Preventive reminders

  • Patient Outreach

  • Balance reminders and collections

Unlimited reminders and tests

AAFP and USPTF recommend Screen All Adults for Depression

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released its final recommendation statement on screening adults for depression in a primary care setting, including pregnant and postpartum women.

The AAFP mirrored the USPSTF's guidance in its own recommendation for adults.

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Appointment Reminders impacts patient no show rate the most. GAD-7, AUDIT, PHQ-9, PHQ-15, ORT
Includes unlimited computer-assessed psychological tests billable at $60 per patient. The tests work with any tablet - iPad, Android, Windows.
  • Primary Care: Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine

  • Subspecialties: Cardiology, Pain Management, Surgery, Neurology, Dermatology, Sleep Studies, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Psychiatry

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

  • Hospitals

  • EHR/EMR Integrations


Psychological Screening:

  • PHQ-9 Depression Severity Test

  • GAD-7 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Test

  • AUDIT Alcohol Abuse Dependence Test

  • Medicare Wellness Exam

  • ORT Opioid RIsk Test

  • PHQ-15 15 item Somatic Symptom Severity Scale

  • Seamless practice management and EHR integration

  • Automatic tracking patients eligible for screening and Medicare Wellness

  • Immediate results with risk color coded assessement

  • Tests in English and Spanish



  • Interactive Voice Responses with immediate feedback to the Practice

  • SMS and E-mail reminders

  • Intelligent Reminder Preference - Voice/SMS/E-mail selection based on patient availability and preferences

  • Text to speech and/or client-recorded messages

  • Multi-template, multi-provider, multi-location 

  • Templates for common scenarios: New Visit, Follow Up, Procedure, Discharge

  • Scalable from solo practices to large hospitals

  • 99.99% availability SLA with 24x7 active monitoring

  • Cloud service, no hardware or software to install

  • Flat per provider predictable billing

Appointment reminders video describing how use of an automated reminder system impacts no show. GAD-7, AUDIT, PHQ-9, PHQ-15, ORT.

Memento Appointment Reminders  - Cut no show rate in half and release staff from tedious tasks. GAD-7, AUDIT, PHQ-9, PHQ-15, ORT Spanish and English.

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